In the Rotary-Wing Research Lab, we focus on answering questions in the following areas:

Dynamic Stall

What is a reduced order model for dynamic stall that can predict blade lift, pitching moment, and drag during large pitch excursions and reverse flow in real time?

Inflow Models

How do the induced flow of two interacting rotors effect each other, and how do we model the time delays in real time simulation?

Beam Equations

What are the important nonlinear effects in beams with large deformations and tension in a rotating environment?  The helicopter blade is such a beam.  The buckling equations for beams have some of these important nonlinear effects.

Wind Turbines

How do wind turbines develop induced flow (as they slow down the air) when they are in the vicinity of the ground and in the vicinity of other wind turbines?  What is the optimum spacing between turbines?

Optimum Performance

What is the optimum twist and chord distribution for optimum rotor performance in hover, in forward flight, and in wind turbine mode?